“It’s Not Easy Being Green” – ONCE141

Regina and Zelena showdown (3x16 It's Not Easy Being Green)

Following Neal’s passing, the Wicked Witch sends her condolences by paying a visit to her little sister, then later challenges her on a fight to death. Is Zelena going to get what she wanted, or will the Evil Queen melt her down despite having the Dark One on her side? Meanwhile in Oz, Zelena seeks the one person that can help her find something she knows nothing about, thus turning her green with envy… literally.

“Quiet Minds” – ONCE139

Triangle branded on Neal's hand (3x15 Quiet Minds)

While Emma and Charming goes out into the woods to find Rumple, Regina went to see what the Wicked Witch is cooking up with him and finds herself a partner in the process. Back in the Enchanted Forest, however, Belle and Neal attempted to resurrect the Dark One with the help of a candle that knows many things, only to pay an irreversible cost.

“The Tower” – ONCE137

Hooded figure in rearview mirror (3x14 The Tower)

Emma, Regina, Charming and Hook continues to look for the green-skinned witch while Snow and Charming meets their new midwife. Nine months earlier, Snow White broke a good news to her husband, causing Charming to go on a solo journey to find a root that can help him overcome his fears but instead, found himself saving a princess up a tower who was being haunted by a hooded figure.

“Heart of the Matter” – WL015

Drawing of Red Queen in Will's Storybrooke Home - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland podcast 1x11 Heart of the Matter

Jafar forced Will to surrender a vital information in the hopes of saving the Red Queen. Meanwhile, Alice and Cyrus, with the White Rabbit’s help visited Storybrooke to retrieve something that could hopefully help them beat Jafar. In the past, Anastasia and Will meets the Queen of Hearts before the coronation. How will she change their relationship? How far will Jafar go to get what he wanted?